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Is Education free In Germany?2021-10-03T19:41:27+00:00

Education in all public universities is free but in Private universities, you have to pay tuition fees.

For which countries we need blocked account?2021-10-03T19:47:33+00:00

Who is planning to travel to Germany on a study & jobseeker visa needs a blocked account confirmation for visa processing. Meanwhile, in Italy education plus no need for any blocked account for the visa process. But in Sweden and UK, a student must have to pay tuition fees and bank statements.

Can we get admission without IELTS?2021-10-03T19:53:03+00:00

In Germany, students can get admission without IELTS but the opportunities will be very limited and the embassy can demand IELTS for the visa process. in other countries, students cannot secure admission without IELTS. We recommend students to gain IELTS for better opportunities.

Do students tend to work part-time during their studies?2021-10-03T19:56:17+00:00

Yes, Students are allowed to work part-time 80 hours per month during their studies.

Is the German language compulsory for jobseeker visa Germany?2021-10-03T20:00:03+00:00

According to the jobseeker visa requirment, there is no need to prove any german language skills but we recommend to our clients to learn A2 level to make their profile strong during visa processing.